Untamed Studios offers branding and web design to businesses who are both new to market and established. Founded by Raquel Langworthy.


Raquel Langworthy has been creating brand design, websites and printed materials for clients since 2009. With a Masters Degree in Branding from the VCU Brandcenter and five years as an Art Director with several New York advertising agencies, she decided she wanted to communicate directly with her clients.  Her talent is delving into the ethos and positioning of a business and then transforming those intangible ideas into a brand.  She offers design consulting services to both new brands coming to market and established brands in need of design assistance.

For my process, please read below. For examples for work click here.



We work together to identify your brand positioning and how best to bring it to life visually.  Through an intake  questionnaire and series of interviews and conversations, we work together to compose your brand aesthetic.


After the research phase is complete, Untamed Studios creates four logos and color schemes to choose from.  At this phase you receive a formal in-person presentation to discuss the thoughts and ideas behind logos and colors (FaceTime/phone if at a distance). Once a logo and color scheme are selected we create a business card plus one other print or digital marketing piece. We will create multiple pieces if deemed necessary.



With the branding complete, we build a custom website using the Squarespace platform. The website is tailored to your business' needs and incorporates your new logo, color scheme and typography. We also version your branding to fit your various social media platforms you engage.

M.S. from the VCU Brandcenter in Art Direction & Branding | B.S. from the University of Michigan in History of Art.